Alex Jennings: From Shipping to Sailing

Alex is the User Experience Manager for ShipCaddie. “My job is to make sure that customers are comfortable and satisfied with ShipCaddie. I help them become oriented and am their first point of contact should they encounter any problems.” If you have any questions or problems about ShipCaddie, Alex and his team are ready to help!

Alex spent over a decade studying medicine and has a passion for helping others. “I wanted to be useful to anyone in any place and any time. When I realized that I didn’t want that lifestyle for my family, I looked for jobs that had that same focus of helping…ShipCaddie has that culture. The employees have the passion, drive, and vision that I wanted in on. It’s a company culture where everyone wants to provide the best product, the best services for our clients. We want to help people the most.”

Outside the Office

In his life outside of the office, Alex loves to sail. First sailing as a scout, he developed a love for the feeling. “I sail anything I can. Things like catamarans, keel boats, and sunfish boats. I sailed a few times a week for the last few summers. A LOT of fun!”

Something most other employees also didn’t know about Alex is that he was the 3rd ranked Male Latin Dancer in the country! But you’ll need to ask him about it for more information!