Everything You Need to Get Your API up and Running In Minutes

API up and Running In Minutes


ShipCaddie’s APIs help your business to access huge discounted rates across many different carries.

Our API documentation includes clearly defined endpoints, example code, test mode, previous compatible versioning as well as useful tutorials, SDK’s and references that help make shipping easy for you and your customers.

  • FAST labels – for companies of any size
  • One integration, many solutions
  • Shipping made easy!
  • LIVE customer support
  • 65+ Years of Shipping & Logistics Experience
ShipCaddie API Getting Started
ShipCaddie API Create Label
Shipcaddie API GET RATES
ShipCaddie API Address Validation

We maintain the API with carriers so you don’t have to.

ShipCaddie has gone through a rigorous certification process with each of the carriers – unlike most other shipping API platforms.  Through this certification process we are able to offer all service level and shipment options that each carrier provides. By being carrier certified, you can rest assured that you are getting the most up-to-date rates and services provided.


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  • Best-in-industry for up-time and availability, along with scaled solutions to handle peak shipment volumes with ease
  • Receive access to world-class customer service where clients can get logistics insights from our Caddie Care team via phone or email.
  • Includes built-in billing audit on all ShipCaddie-provided carrier accounts. This ensures shipping rates match exactly with the carrier billing and agreement, including accessorial fees and surcharges. When discrepancies arise, they are monitored, evaluated, and adjusted so you can be confident in the reliability of your data
  • Need to access multiple accounts via a single authentication while keeping each account’s data separate (i.e. shipments processed for multiple companies)? Try the optional parameter ‘asClientID’. This parameter can be used when we link two accounts in a parent-child relationship. The parent credentials are used to authenticate, then the parent authentication token is used to call any endpoint–as if you were using the child account token for the client ID passed. Each authentication token lasts for 24 hours, reducing the need to continuously refresh the token or sort through each individual child account’s credentials.
  • Access to ShipCaddie, our cloud-based shipping platform, that allows users to sync orders, find shipping rates, print labels, and efficiently manage small parcel shipping.
    • It features direct integrations with dozens of marketplaces, e-commerce platforms and custom solutions (enterprise applications and proprietary websites).
    • The intuitive design empowers shippers to streamline ecommerce shipping as well as customize and automate their shipping process.
    • ShipCaddie makes shipping comfortable and efficient again so clients can get back to what matters most.
    • Advanced user functionality includes: enhanced address validation, custom filters, tag mgmt. for orders and shipments, automated business rules with API, email templates for delivery after shipments, reports, direct scale integrations, printers & barcoding, contact mgmt., product mgmt., order management (create, import, sync, split, hold), shipment mgmt. (group, void, ship), batch processing (updates, label creation), and presets for shipping sites/carriers/packages.
    • Each account includes unlimited carriers, shipping sites, package types, rules, templates, and users.