Dario Gonzalez: From Software to Paddle Boarding

Dario Gonzalez is the principal software engineer here at ShipCaddie. He works to ensure that ShipCaddie’s standard of coding and software meets—and exceeds—the needs of ShipCaddie customers. “We want our customers to have top-notch user experiences, so my emphasis is quality and efficiency.”

Dario came to ShipCaddie looking for a change in pace, where his ideas could significantly impact the direction of the company. When talking about the attractiveness of working for ShipCaddie, Dario pointed to the long-term company vision and value ShipCaddie would provide to e-commerce businesses. “It was a huge transition for me going from a really big company to a start-up environment. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been the most rewarding experience I’ve had. The people I work with combined with the collaborative environment has created a position where I can really make a difference.”

The IT guru, however, is no newcomer to new environments. Dario was born in Uruguay and has lived in other countries like Spain before he and his family settled here in the U.S. just seven years ago.

Outside the Office

A great warrior for ShipCaddie, Dario is a family man who looks forward to ditching his computer screens to spend time outdoors with his wife and two kids. “I love paddle boarding. In the summertime, when the snow has finally cleared, I like to take my family to the nearby lakes to paddle board and play other water sports.”

Dario has a passion for healthy living, and he’s known around the office as the guy who brings delicious home made meals for lunch…except when broccoli is an ingredient.