How to Obtain a Carrier Client Contract Id

Carrier Client Contract & Carrier Service level Id’s

To request a label from a specific carrier you will need to identify which carrier you would like to create that label with as well as what service level you prefer. For example, some USPS service levels are:

  • First Class Package
  • Priority Mail
  • Express Mail

To name a few. Both the Carrier Account that you wish to use and the Service Level will have a unique ID associated with it and is required to create a label.

***Note unless you have entered your carrier information for other carriers, you will only receive ShipCaddies USPS negotiated rates***

To obtain both Carrier Contract ID and Carrier Service Level ID you’ll need to send a HTTP POST request to either using our API Reference Docs, or through a third party tool such as Postman and Curl using your Access Token. If you don’t have an access token.

Below is a response example that shows both the “carrierContractId” and a “carrierServiceLevelID”.

     "carrierServiceList": [
             "carrierClientContractId": 1234,
             "carrierName": "USPS",
             "serviceLevels": [
                     "carrierServiceLevelID": 1115,
                     "name": "Priority Mail",
                     "parcelWeightLimit": 70.0,
                     "carrierServiceLevelID": 1116,
                     "name": "Express Mail Int'l",
                     "parcelWeightLimit": 70.0,
                     "carrierServiceLevelID": 1117,
                     "name": "Priority Mail Int'l",
                     "parcelWeightLimit": 70.0,

What’s the difference between both IDs?

Carrier Client Contract ID

A Carrier Client Contract Id is linked to a specific carrier account number for that client.

For example if you have 2 accounts with UPS, then they will have 2 different Carrier Client Contract Id’s meaning each account will have a unique id.

Carrier Service Level ID

A Carrier Service Level ID is a unique ID for each service level offered by the carriers. These ID’s will not be duplicated across different carriers or within the same carrier, however, these IDs remain the same for all clients.

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