ShipCaddie Order Integrations

Sync in your orders from multiple sources, including any of our ready-to-use direct integrations. We can integrate with many different Shopping Carts, Marketplaces, WMS platforms, and even Accounting, Multi-level-marketing and ERP systems.

We’d love to work with your software.  Please contact us directly to discuss integration.

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CSV – Data Import Manager

Our CSV Import manager allows you to create and save custom mapping templates for as many types of .csv formats as you have.  You can use these templates to import to shipments or orders.  ShipCaddie’s import tool is powerful and robust, allowing you to upload 1000’s of records in minutes. ShipCaddie will also automatically verify addresses upon import.  Apply a business rule on these imports to assign your shipping methods.  See our business rule tutorials for more information on automating all aspects of your shipping process.

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ODBC Connection to ShipCaddie

When you install ShipCaddie-Direct from your printer settings and right click on the icon, you will have an ODBC utility document in your system tray. ODBC is a great way to connect to ShipCaddie. Please contact help@shipcaddie.com if more assistance is needed.

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