Do you have the same shipments going out to multiple recipients?  ShipCaddie can easily print shipping labels in batches with our batch processing.  This can be done from Orders or Shipments.  Labels can be printed directly to the printer, or written to a pdf document to be printed at a later time.

Orders that contain the same contents or even different contents can be batch edited.  When batch editing, packaging and service levels can be applied to selected orders.  This feature can also be automated within Automations/Business Rules.

Has an order changed after it was pulled in from your shopping cart?  Simply open the order and make changes directly in ShipCaddie.  Edit address, quantity, sku’s, or shipping methods.  Add internal comments to track changes.

Order tags can be pulled in from Marketplaces such as Shopify or they can be created within ShipCaddie. Order tags are a great way to classify an order.  If you were to create a business rule when an order imports that has two particular SKUs in it, then a tag is created to distinguish the order and this can be used for further business rules or filtering when necessary.

Multi-package shipments are available in orders and shipments.  (Front-end modification to multi-package coming in Q1’2021)

Do you need a box label only and not a carrier label?  ShipCaddie offers a customized box label for packaging purposes. These labels can be branded with your company logo and will show the contents of the package and reference numbers.

Do you need shipments weighing less than a pound to go with a certain carrier?  Or items with a larger box size to go with another?  All of these options are available within an order.  Create a business rule to assign these settings on import or print label to streamline your shipping process.

Do you want to only see orders by date received, or that have a certain product in them? With ShipCaddie, you can create custom filters to be used in Orders and Shipments which will only display the orders you want to see at a given time. Our filters are robust and you can filter down to a great level of detail, such as an individual SKU weight or total package weight.