Kristie Atkinson: Outback to Out West

Kristie is an Account Manager here at ShipCaddie. “I work with the billing team. People give me the numbers and I make sure they all work together to get the right answer!”

Though she hasn’t been with us long, Kristie has found her place here at ShipCaddie. “I enjoy working for ShipCaddie. Before, I felt like I was just working to make people more rich. But now I feel like I’m really helping people save money in their day-to-day lives.”

A Change in Climate

As you would guess from her accent, Kristie was born and raised in Australia, but while traveling through the states this last year, she connected with the culture and decided to put down roots in Utah.

Although there is a big difference in climate coming from Australia to our Utah location, Kristie is no newcomer to different climates. “I LOVE traveling and I’ve done a lot of it!” She has traveled to Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Greece, Cyprus, New Zealand, and even spent over a month in Thailand doing Muay Thai!