Matt Simmons: From Promoting the Brand to Disneyland

Matt Simmons is the Vice President of Marketing here at ShipCaddie. “I have the fun job. I define our market strategy, drive awareness of our brand and make sure our goals are met with our tactical strategies and partnership objectives, and I get to use some pretty cool tools to facilitate all of this.”

Though ShipCaddie is unique in many ways, Matt believes that the experience ShipCaddie delivers to customers is a key difference with the ShipCaddie platform. “We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients. Outside of driving new business, my #1 priority is making sure that our marketing team, customer experience team and product management are perfectly-aligned to offer the best customer experience possible.”

Matt joined ShipCaddie after searching for a company where he could have an impact. Although he enjoyed past positions in large enterprise companies, Matt was attracted to the dynamic and energetic leadership at ShipCaddie. Speaking specifically about ShipCaddie Founder and CEO Shaun Rothwell, Matt says “Shaun’s energy rubs off on all of us, which makes for a very positive, collaborative and entrepreneurial atmosphere. When he offered me an opportunity to help build something from the ground up, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s been the most fulfilling career experience I’ve had.”

Outside the Office

“I’m a chess nerd,” Matt stated, “I love the competition and strategy that the game brings.” Though he only plays recreationally, Matt first developed a love for the game in his junior high chess club. “Chess and marketing tie together well. In both, you have to know your strategy and your competition, adapt to changes, and anticipate moves to make intelligent decisions.”

Although he loves his work, Matt tries to spend every other moment making memories with his wife and two boys. “We recently introduced our boys to Disneyland. It’s one of those defining moments as a parent to witness the excitement and magic that your kids experience at a Disneyland park. Looking forward to going back very soon.” In other news, Matt and his wife, Lara, just found out that they are welcoming a baby girl to the family in September 2017.

Now we’ll wait and see how Matt handles another queen being added to his chess board. “Time to enroll my boys into Kung-Fu,” Matt quipped.