PRESS RELEASE | Finally—An Adaptable Shipping Software for All Shippers

ShipCaddie Solutions announced the full worldwide release of ShipCaddie, the latest parcel shipping software that imports orders, prints shipping labels, and compares shipping solutions across all carriers. ShipCaddie is available for businesses shipping with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and OnTrac.

“It’s exciting to offer our customers services from the four largest carriers as well as OnTrac,” said Shaun Rothwell, ShipCaddie Founder and CEO, “but this is only the tip of the iceberg. We are working around-the-clock to add carriers in North America and Europe while adding new online integrations with marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.”

ShipCaddie also announced today that it is fully integrated with WooCommerce, which powers approximately 30% of all online stores. Rothwell says this was an important addition to ShipCaddie’s rapidly-building portfolio of eCommerce shipping solutions, which features integrations with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify.



ShipCaddie enters a shipping software market where most major players, such as ShipStation, ShipWorks and Shipping Easy, have been consolidated under publicly-traded giant In spite of established competition, Rothwell said customers are most excited about the enhanced visibility, ease-of-use and flexibility provided by ShipCaddie, the privately-held alternative to the family of shipping platforms.

“Our focus grouping and research revealed that shippers are really craving a platform that is easier to use without sacrificing functionality, and ShipCaddie provides that,” said Rothwell.

Due to a diversified revenue model, Rothwell said ShipCaddie will avoid the nickel-and-diming that plagues customers of commonly-used platforms, most of which require purchasing multiple licenses to accommodate multiple users, locations and carrier accounts. According to Rothwell, this unprecedented flexibility allows ShipCaddie to serve small ecommerce companies while also serving the largest enterprise shippers in the world.

“ShipCaddie is the only platform that will scale and grow with individual companies,” said Rothwell. “And this is due—in large part—to the resources we’ve deployed towards a continuous improvement model, which incorporates shipper-by-shipper custom APIs, integrations and other features as requested by our customers.”

Rothwell says ShipCaddie’s mission is to form lasting partnerships with customers to ensure optimal scalability of their shipping operations, which according to Rothwell, is a central component to long-term company growth.

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