Seth Porter: From Indoor Screens to Outdoor Machine

Seth Porter is the Vice President of Product Development for ShipCaddie. “I work with our development, marketing and operations teams as well as with the customers about what we would like to see in ShipCaddie. Next, I utilize the feedback and prioritize development needs…So, I basically try to create a vision for what we want ShipCaddie to be in the future.”

All-in-all, if you have any feedback or suggestions for the software, Seth will gladly take them and see what he can do to make ShipCaddie the best-fitting platform for YOU.

Seth is no newcomer to his position as he has a strong history working with business systems and internal groups that develop warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS).

Outside the Office

Outside of the office, Seth likes to spend time in the outdoors. So, really, the complete opposite of what he does at work, which includes almost anything NOT in front of a screen.

“Trail-running is one of my passions, but I also love OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), snowboarding, and I actually dabble in outdoor photography.”

Seth puts himself through unconventional physical training programs, mixing resistance training, body-weight training, trail running and more to compete in various obstacle courses and races.

In 2013, Seth trained hard and competed in the elite heats of several adventure races. He finished in the top 30 in several races (out of 400 or more participants), and he even finished in the top 300 in points for the Spartan Race!

“I don’t dominate, but I try to be competitive for my age and for my weight. I really enjoy it.”