When this feature is enabled (default) your addresses will be auto-verified when being pulled into ShipCaddie and when printing labels within ShipCaddie.

International address validation will need to be enabled manually in your settings and will require a fee of 3¢ for each shipment sent using the verification service.

Each label printed can be voided simply through our shipping history view; however, on occasion labels won’t get used and aren’t voided.  ShipCaddie will automatically sweep labels that were created 30 days prior and if no tracking information exists for that label, ShipCaddie will auto-void the label.

Fedex and DHL labels are bill on use, meaning, when you don’t get billed for the label until it is actually in their systems and in route to the destination.  However, UPS and USPS labels are bill on creation.  As soon as the label is printed, you are charged.  Voiding labels within 30 days of label creation, will cancel the label with the carrier and issue a credit to you on your next bill.

ShipCaddie allows you to add multiple boxes to your shipment and move contents from one box to another.  Each box has it’s own packaging details, such as size, weight and contents.

Transit times are displayed when selecting rates.  You will see the exact date the package will arrive based on the carrier and service level as well as it will show a dollar sign icon for the cheapest service and a truck icon for the quickest service.

Package weight is automatically calculated based on contents weight.  Eg, when an order contains 3 items of 1.5 lbs each, the total weight of the package will be 4.5 lbs + the weight of the packaging, if included in the package profile.

Pre-fill deliver documentation

Do you need to ship your package from a different address such as your home address?  Blind ship allows you to ship from a different location than your return address.